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[THAT IS SO HOT // Blog crews hosted by Amie]

Electronic actors and astromagnetic, corrupted files from galactical planets.

Amie's Blog Crews
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[That Is So Hot~]
[Blog crews hosted by Amie (pyratesss)! ♥]

Welcome, welcome, welcome~ ♥

This would be my community I've made for hosting my blog crews. Which I am absolutely addicted and dedicated to, for the record. They were originally located here and here, but those posts now direct people over to this community. I moved because I was having trouble with space, organization, sorting, and.. mostly just space. So I decided to make this community, and move it all over here!

Things should be much better over this way, with new implements like alphabetical sorting, more sections, more space, and less comment clutter since not everything is contained in one poast! Much faster loading times, thank god!

You can join the community if you would like to, or just watch it for updates and new crews (though only I am able to post the new entries/crews), but you do not need to be a member to apply for claims. Anyone with a registered livejournal can post comments to the crews, therefore anyone with a registered livejournal can join them.


There are currently ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SEVEN different crews to choose from. There are all sorts of different animes, video games, music, books, absolute weirdness, television series, and many other fandoms and quirks, so I'm hoping there will be a little something that anybody and everyone can enjoy.

However, you might be wondering what exactly is a blog crew? In short, you claim a character, from the series/fandom that I have listed here, and get a code, which you can put.. where ever you want, to link back to this community in some way. You can take the provided code and put it in your user info, on your website, entries, whatever. Where ever you want!

It's a way to possibly meet a group of people who share your interests, and feel a part of that group. It really all just for fun in the end, and possibly for bragging rights if you're into that sort of thing. In short, you claim your favorite character, I'll put your name down beside that character in the list, and we all have a wonderful time.

I'm always updating (crews and rules), and changing things around, so feel free to check back and have a look around every once in a while. And if you like the crews? Then gimme a hand and don't forget to link to us and tell all of your friends about us!

Please be aware, however, that blog crews are not role-plays! No role-playing whatsoever! It is simply a form of character claiming. ♥ If you're looking for a role-play, there are about a million other great communities for that~



#1) You cannot claim a character/something that has already been claimed by somebody else. Every single one of these blog crews operate on a first come, first serve basis, period. So please check the list and the comments before your own to see if the character is taken before you request to join as them.

#2) You can only claim one character from each series/fandom. Take as many claims at once as you want; one from each series/fandom, if you really want to, but remember one character from each! There could be special cases to breaking this rule, but it is highly unlikely.

#3) Linking back is highly appreciated, but not a 'must'. I honestly don't believe I can force you to link back, but it'd be very, very nice of you to do so without me nagging you. I'd like to get these crews active, and onto their feet, per se. Even how you link back is optional; you don't have to use the provided code if you don't want to. You can change the hex code in the provided code too, if you want. You might even just want to do something like put your character name, followed by "@ ohthatssohot", or whatever. It's all up to you. I fail at making graphics, so I won't even attempt making them for anybody, but if you would like to make your own for your claims, you are free to do so.

#4) Do not flame other people if they have claimed a character that you wanted. Also, do not ask or demand for them to give the character up to you. I will ban your comments. Don't make me take out the b& hammer, plz.

#5) You do not have to be on my friends list or a member of this community to join any of these crews. Comments are open to anybody who would like to join, though please no anonymous comments. Why bother, right? Who would I link the damn character to?

#6) Everyone makes mistakes, so if I make one in my work here at this community, then please point it out to me. Even if it's just a typo'd character name, lj name, claim mix up (on my part), etcetc. I won't get mad, promise.

#7) If you have any series/fandom/section you want me to add to the list, suggest it to me in this post, and that post only. Do not request new crews in your regular claim comments. If I like the series/fandom/section, or plan to get into it, or perhaps simply forgot it, then chances are I will probably I'll add it into my lists. Please do not just put down a bunch of brand new crews, with the claims you want, and expect me to add them because you snapped your fingers at me. One or two? Okay, sure. Ten OR MORE? Fuck you. People have done it a couple of times, and I have mostly complied to avoid conflict, but it's getting out of hand, and it's getting fucking rude. I made this offer as a privilage, not as a right, and some people just take it too far. Therefore, pose potential new crews to me politely, and as a question, in this post and I will reply and tell you whether or not I will be adding them; if I am, then I will ask you who you want from the crew before I post it. As long as you're polite, feel free to try me out. I'm fairly open minded and chances are you may get the crew you desire. If people do not follow this rule, I will close down requests completely.

#8) Canon characters only! I think this goes without saying, but when you're working with a fandom/series, please stick to canon claims, and please also stick to characters; these crews aren't for claiming items, "made-up characters", clothing, personalities, other aspects of a character and so on. (It is also best noted that most of this rule is obviously negated in the case of the OC blog crew, Starbucks crew, Disease crew, etcetc; use your common sense, you should be able to tell where it applies.)

#9) When claiming a character, please state full names when at all possible. When you apply for something like the lyrics crew, or the song crew, please remember to provide both artist names as well as song titles. Don't assume I know who your character is, or what song your claim is from, etcetc. Gimme the info. I'd rather not have to open Wiki and look things up every few seconds, so you providing me with the information before hand would help me tons.

#10) If you do not like the rules, how claims are handled, are mad about your preferred character being taken, dislike a character/pairing, etcetc, then gtfo. Keep personal drama out as well. Don't bring your drama llama bullshit in here.

#11) If you don't understand something, or have a question, then for the love of god, ask me. Look, I even set up a post for it! I promise I don't bite, unless you're a fucking idiot, or completely rude. If you need to contact me one-on-one, my contact information can be located at my personal journal. Please use this as a last resort; the FAQ post and other sections should be good enough in most cases, yeah?

#12) Rules are potentially subject to elaboration, change, and addition at any given time.

#13) Respond to only the post your claim belongs in when claiming, and no matter what entry you claim in always use the form I have placed below this rule.

As in right here.

Multiple claims only require you to fill out the 'name', 'how'd you find us?', and 'lj' fields once!

Unless you, ya know, feel like making more work for yourself?


That being said, happy claiming! ♥

- Multifandom blog crews hosted by flowed.
- Harry Potter blog crew hosted by valaseren.
- Multifandom blog crews hosted by lspher.
- Pirates of the Caribbean blog crew hosted by envyious.
- Multifandom blog crews hosted by sakura_saku637.
- Katamari Damacy blog crew hosted by scout.
- Harry Potter Blog Crew hosted by honest_illusion.
- TV Fandom Blog Crew hosted by honest_illusion.

If you'd like to affiliate your blog crews with mine? Just drop me a comment over here.

Thank you for your business!

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